Priory Fields

A scrapbook of Ware Road, Hertford and its environs

By Geoff Cordingley

Priory Fields

This book tells the story of the area to the East of Hertford Town Centre along Ware Road as far as Gallows Hill.  It is an eclectic mix of traditional history, newspaper cuttings and personal memories.  The aim is to give a flavour of the area and its character.  It is a fascinating read reminding us of many developments which have taken place in recent times as well as introducing us to many things from past history.

Buy your copy from Hertford Museum or the Tourist Information Centre.

The book takes the form of a walk around the area starting at the site of the old Hertford Priory; progressing over Hartham Common and its water courses; through the Christ’s Hospital site; along Ware Road for the County Goal, the Addis factory, the cattle market and skating rink; and finally the Hertford East Station along with the industrial complex of Mead Lane and the associated Victorian and Edwardian suburban developments along Ware Road.

The book is edited by Philip Sheail with research by Jean Purkis, Magaret Harris and Philip Sheail.

The ISBN of the book is 0 9531927 9 2

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  • Beg pardon mistake myself! Joe (real name Harry Ernest Spackman) was Tessa Chestnutt’s FATHER Fred Spackman’s brother!

    By francesca Woolmer (16/05/2019)
  • This is a lovely record of Ware Road – thank you so much to all involved. There is one mistake/omission on Page 131 which I would like to point out on behalf of my lovely father Donald Ellingham, Hertford born and bred, who died 14/12/2019. The quote attributed to Tessa Chestnutt is in fact two! The first half down to ” she couldn’t get out…” is my dad talking about his family including his sister Cicely at 97, Ware Road! The rest “… and my mum baked a pie” is his much loved younger cousin Tessa, an only child, talking about Joe her father’s brother who lived with them at 32 Tamworth Road. It was unlucky indeed that one bomb affected both sets of relatives. Both Don and Tessa have transcripts with the Hertford Oral History Group which I am so grateful for. Thank you Francesca Woolmer

    By Francesca Woolmer (16/05/2019)