Hertford 2009

By Brian Box

Hertford 1st XI 2009

Standing: JB Box, O Ray, C Wade, R.Slater, J Tooth, D Benford, R Fairhurst

Sitting: WJ Bancroft, J Mead, CJ Box, RJ Cordingley, A Brazill

Played 41, Won 7, Drew 7, Lost 27


Hertford 2nd XI 2009

Standing: A Carlson. J Riddle, J Ferdenzi, M Perry, C Marques, A Cooper

Sitting: J Clark, M Kass, G Riddle, SD Watson, R Patel

Played 46, Won 18, Drew 11, Lost 15, Tied 1, Abandoned 1


Hertford 4th XI 2009

Standing: J Barbett, M Chalkley, G Pavey, ?, ?, ? (S Watman, R Jones, H Botes)

Kneeling: NR Bancroft, D Osgood, D Carr, R Reid, M Roofe

Played 19, Won 7, Drew 2, Lost 10


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