Hertford 1935

By Brian Box

Hertford 1st XI 1935

Standing: SF Brown, Maj RKB Walker, P Lawrence, J Pigg, FB Wilmott, A Baker

Sitting: WC Hunt, WHF Ollis, AV Grubb (capt), GJ Cruikshank, OER Bax

Played 53, Won 14, Drew 18, Lost 18, Abandoned 3



Hertford 2nd XI 1935

Standing: WW Thomas, HC Blake, CS Thomas, WH Burton, R Radley or WG Redley,

L or MT Gardiner, AM Pearman

Sitting: A Hockings, G Clark, WD Blake, FL Gatfield, AB Gatfield, HT Blake, WAL Jackson

Played 15, Won 8, Drew 3, Lost 3, Abandoned 1


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  • Ref the 2nd Xl pic, HC Blake was my father whilst WD(Bill) & HT (Tom) Blake were his brothers, my uncle’s. My father died some 25 years ago so I have not seen them or my cousins for some 50 years any help to find them would be great

    By david blake (13/06/2013)