Hertford County Hospital - Student Nurses

Are you in this picture or do you know any of the people we cannot name?

Back row (left to right): Valerie Batt, Joan Robinson, Aline Joy, Pat Hazell

Front row (left to right): Linda Hughes, unknown, Margaret Davidson, Pat Kavenagh, Hazel Clothier, Rachel Ford, Lynn Glover, Mary Basten


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  • Regards the photo Student Nurses 1963-64 the line up was from left to right Valerie Batt,Joan Robinson,Aline Joy,Pat Hazell Front row left to right Linda Hughes, unknown, Margaret Davidson,Pat Kavanagh, Hazell Clothier,Rachel Ford, Lynn Glover, Mary Basten. Yes I am Mary Basten and have the very same photo with the girls signatures on the reverse side.Very interesting to see these old photos.

    By mary Sturzenegger (26/05/2011)
  • In the summer of 1953 I was encamped with the scouts at Wadesmill when, unfortunately, I had an accident with an axe. This necessitated a trip to the County Hospital for a few stitches to my knee. I recall with some surprise, in this day and age, that the doctor who undertook the stitching did so at his desk where a lighted cigarette burned in an ashtray. Different times….

    By Terry Askew (23/02/2011)