Great Sawmill Fire 1907

Ewen and Tomlinson's goes up in smoke

By Tony Price

There is a postcard that shows the aftermath of a large fire that destroyed Ewen and Tomlinson’s Saw Mill in Hertford in 1907. Does anyone know where this was?

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  • Mystery solved – EWEN & TOMLINSON, LTD., TIMBER & SLATE MERCHANTS, Priory Wharf & Saw Mills, HERTFORD

    By Tony Price (01/03/2016)
  • No. from researching on the internet it would appear that the New Barnet Saw Mill fire was at Lockhart’s not at Ewen and Tomlinson’s as described on this


    By Tony Price (05/05/2014)
  • Message on the opposite side reads: Dear Doris, Just a card to say that I have arrived home safe. I do hope dear by the time this reached you that you will be feeling better. Hoping you will like this PC!!!! (my exclamation marks) with much love from all, xxFlossxxxx Sent to : Miss D. Phipps, ? Mrs Saville, Fanshaws Drive, Nr. Hertford Herts Date posted was 12th September 1907. The date of the fire according to the post card was 28/8/07 so it had happened quite recently. The question is: Why would Mrs. Saville like this card? Was it because the scene of devastation was close to Mrs. Saville’s home in Fanshaws Drive? Could this be pictured in the background? Where is Fanshaws Drive today?

    By Tony Price (26/04/2014)
  • I was intrigued by this as well and on searching, I found a similar postcard for a New Barnet Sawmill Fire in 1907…. could this be the same fire?

    By George (24/04/2014)