Hertford Grammar School Cricket Club 2nd XI. 1930

Richard Hale School Archive
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  • Geoff

    Many thanks for the contact address.
    I will pop it into the post within the week.


    By Barry Cross (25/10/2019)
  • Hi Barry,

    I suggest you address it to Eddie Roche/Eric Riddle; Old Boys Archives; Richard Hale School; Hale Road; Hertford
    SG13 8EN
    regards Geoff

    By Geoffrey Cordingley (03/10/2019)
  • Hello Geoffrey Cordingley

    I would certainly love to supply copies of our family photo for both the School Archive and the Hertfordshire Archives. If I still lived in the county I would certainly deliver them both personally.

    The ideal copy would be a digital one to email, however I do not regrettably have a scanner to use for the purpose. And I will have to post them both.

    I have 1 photocopy already made for me by my brother Murray in Australia, and I will put this in the post to the School within the next few days.
    Do you have a postal address for them?

    I live in North Wales and the photocopying facilities are fairly sparse so it will take me rather longer to get the 2nd copy, but I will post it on when I have it.

    By Barry Cross (26/09/2019)
  • Hello Barry,

    I am sure the School Archive run by the Old Boys Association would appreciate a copy of your photograph, since their copy has the bad mark on it. Also if you could drop a copy into Hertfordshire Archives and Local Studies at County Hall, i could then replace this photograph on the site.

    By Geoffrey Cordingley (26/09/2019)
  • My dad William Thomas Hugh Cross went to Hertford Grammar School, and was in the 2nd 11 Cricket Club in 1930. I have an original print of the same photo without the bad mark on it.
    In our family copy the photo is placed on a cardboard backing, however the pupils names do not necessarily coincide with their images on the photo. My dad is seated in the front row of the group, the first pupil on the left. In your photo my father is clearly labelled correctly with his name W. T. H. Cross underneath his place in the group.

    By Barry Cross (25/09/2019)