Donald F. Jack, M.A. 1956 - 1981

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  • I attended between 1958 and 1965 and had some awful teachers but most were Ok – if you were lucky enough to be bright enough to learn in spite of their ineptitude. Mr Jack was ahead of his time. I had a lot of respect for him, and I’ve no doubt over time he would have weeded out the useless teachers and recruited much better. I remember Mrs (I M ?) Holmes fondly. She used to regale us with tales of her time in the French Resistance. Does anybody have any information about her wartime activity? It would help with some research I’m doing.

    By John Curry (25/04/2020)
  • I was there from 1968 to 1965. I have mixed memories but Mr Jack was ahead of his time . A very fair man who put some of the other teachers to shame. Does anyone have any information regarding the French Teacher Mrs (I M ?) Holmes. She used to tell us tales about her Resistance work in France during WW2. I’d love to know more about her.

    By John Curry (25/04/2020)
  • I detested Hertford Grammar School, which changed names while I was there. There were some truly horrible teachers especially one particular vicious old female. However, head and shoulders above the dross was Mr Jack, whom I respected and regarded as a very fair man.
    There were other good teachers too but I have to say the highlight was using the train to travel to & from school

    By j hills (08/02/2019)