Identifying players in a Cowper Testimonial team photo

Malcolm Turner

Cowper Testimonial Boys Football Team 1936-37

I attach photograph of the 1936/37 football team
I think I know three of the players, but would welcome other names or a team list.
Malcolm Turner.

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  • At risk of duplication in s comment that I have tried to add ( not very computer literate I’m afraid ), I thank Nicola for her hard work on these team and class photographs of the same period as my posted picture. Unfortunately, the player who is possibly my father, is not repeated on the other pictures, but many people I knew as parents of my contemporaries are. So huge interest to me.

    By Malcolm Turner. (10/06/2020)
  • Hi again Malcolm,

    I believe 4 of the boys on your photo are also in the photos I have.
    Back row 3rd from left, Clark; 5th from left, Walker
    Front row 2nd from left, Cook; 3rd from left Brant
    Would you be able to re scan your photo to improve the quality? I struggled with mine using the equipment at home!

    Nikki Iliffe

    By Nicola Iliffe (08/06/2020)
  • Hi Mr Turner
    Hopefully you will be able to identify some more of the boys in the photo from the names I have sent in. Could one of the administrators let Mr Turner know that I have just amended the names on the photo of class 2a.
    Thanks again.
    Nikki Iliffe

    By Nicola Iliffe (04/06/2020)
  • I note that a contributor named Nichola Illife ( hope spelling is right, I am not on that page anymore, so writing this from memory ) seems to state that her relatiion has in-fact anotated this picture with names. Would she mind listing them for us all to see ? She says that the name of Childs is there, so it is looking promising. Of course she is free to contact me directly. I would then share the information if she is alright with that.

    By Malcolm Turner. (24/05/2020)
  • My best bet is the player second from right, middle row. I think him to be John Phillips. I am a contemporary of his daughter Lesley Phillips, corner Cherry Tree Green & Windsor Drive. This may help ( if I am correct, of course ).

    By Malcolm Turner. (15/04/2020)