Renovation of St. Leonard's Church Roof, July 1937

Geoff Cordingley

From Bengeo Parish Church Magazine, July 1937


It is with much regret that it has been found impossible to hold any further summer services in the Old Church until further notice.  Serious evidence of wood-worm have been discovered in all the chairs, and after taking expert advise all the chairs have been burned, together with the coco-nut matting and kneelers.  We are also advised to have the whole of the floor twice washed with disinfectant soap and then cleansed with a preparation containing mercury, and to have the woodwork on the floor of the Church, such as Alter Rails, etc., treated with a special fluid to prevent any possible spreading of the trouble.  The whole matter will naturally mean a great expense, but already kind friends have been good enough to promise to replace some of the chairs, and we feel sure that there are many lovers of the old church who will wish to help us in this way, either by giving one or more chairs at a cost of 8s each or by offering to replace a kneeler at a cost of about 2s 6d.  Notice will be given when the services can be resumed, which we hope will be at an early date.

Ref: D/P17/29/14


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