American Car on Horns Mill

Photograph taken outside roughly 100 Cecil Road. Late 1950s.

The boy in the car is Alan Dunnage.  If anyone knows who the girls are please let us know.

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  • That is myself and my sister Nina in the car with my brother Alan . The car belonged to our uncle .

    By Stephanie Dunnage (04/04/2020)
  • seeing the American car in the photo in Cecil road reminded me of my time at Waters Place , we used to see a lot of American soldiers and Jeeps going past our cottage . We lived in the workers cottages over the river and railway , from Waters Place farm . There would be somewhere around twenty such vehicles at a time crossing the railway and then over the ford on their way to the main road between Ware and Wareside .Does anyone know where they were stationed ? They would pass by every week or so , and we would shout to them ` got any chewing gum chum ` and cup our hands to catch the chocolates and sweets that they would throw to us .

    By viv cooper (08/01/2020)

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