My Life as a Bachelor

Anthony Powell

I was told by an ex-girlfriend around about 2012 that I was meant to be a bachelor. Well, a bachelor for life is more the term. I must go on by saying that, to be honest, at 71 years old it looks very unlikely that things will change.

I’ve enjoyed life, however, in my own way like anyone else does. Never been abroad as yet but had some good holidays with my parents and relatives here in England. Liking sports, well, quite a few in fact − darts, snooker, pool, cricket, even speedway − all on television. Well, not quite right. I play darts for my local club where I live in Bengeo, this being our first season. I also played over 50 or so years ago when I lived in Hornsmill, Hertford, for my local there, the Harts Horns.

But getting back to being single still at 71 years old. I suppose there’s always speculation about sexuality. I would like to assure people not to worry or what any other term comes to mind on this matter. Nothing to get concerned about there. In my younger days I had chances to have tied the knot perhaps. However, I didn’t do so. So what you have to do is just get on with life the way you want to. If that means liking a couple of pints at my local club, then going out once a week playing darts and, if I can, to get away on a day trip by coach I’ll do that. I don’t want to sound in any way selfish, however. Going back, I’ve helped the best way I could with football, cricket, more recently in charity shops in Hertford, where I’ve lived all my life, and certain parts of Hertford where I’ve lived − Hornsmill, Hertford Heath and where I’m living now in Bengeo.

Yes, I’ve had a lot in life I must confess. But on the other side of the coin, I think, and this is me only, I’ve given back as well. So now, if it’s right to say, I’m enjoying life in my own way later on in life, which is what retirement from work is all about. You shouldn’t go back, as my dear old mum told me, just keep going forward. Although there is one thing I forgot to mention in my article. I had a lot of new cars in my driving life. Well, I didn’t pass my test until I was 26 years old and at the third attempt. I was also very much up on fashion back in the day.


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