Wickhams of Ware

Photo:Wickhams of Ware

Wickhams of Ware

Standing on the frozen Lea in 1963

Jean Gilby

This picture was taken in January 1963 and shows workers from Wickhams on the frozen River Lea.  Included are Melvin Baker (4th from left), Mr Roberts (with striped scarf) and Mr Gold (standing with a mug of tea).

The back of Wickhams old shop can be seen on the right. Albany's warehouse on the left, and in the centre at the back you can see Ware lock.

They are about to have a football match - a half past three kick off.

Does anyone know who the other people in the picture are?

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left to right 

1st unknown, Eddie Sapstead, 3rd unknown, Melvyn Baker, Joe Cox, Jim Batchelor, Tolly Holland, Dick Chalk, 9 & 10 unknown, Sid French, Bill Roberts, Pat Gold, myself, Cyril Parker, next two unknown, Reg Copeland at rear, Dennis Head (front), Jack Little, Snowball Worby.................hope that's helps. Regards, Toby




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