My Secondary School Days

Mr Anthony Powell

After leaving primary school in 1961 I started my secondary school days. In those days we had a year at the Longmore School followed by a year at the Cowper School. Longmore School was in Churchfields in Hertford, more or less opposite All Saints Church. The Cowper School was, as I remember, in Old London Road in Hertford, sadly  gone today altogether. The last remaining years of secondary school were spent at Hertford Secondary School as it was known back then, today it is known as Simon Balle School, and is still in Mangrove Road in Hertford. Many, or some of my primary school pals follow onto the schools mentioned. When I say that, some went on to the Sele School in Welwyn Roadm Hertford, opposite Sele Farm Estate where they lived.

Going back to my time in secondary school I had some good times, one of these was my year at Longmore School on a Friday afternoon trip to the Mount Pleasant Post Office within Liverpool Street Station. As I remember, going from Hertford East Railway Station to Liverpool Street Railway Station back then, by steam train was very exciting.

In my year at Cowper School I can’t remember too many exciting times in my time there in 1962. After leaving there in 1963, for the remaining years at Hertford Secondary School I can’t remember I can remember further trips were made to the Sewage Works at Rye Meads in Hoddesdon; the Water Works which I believe was in Essendon and Tottenham Gas Works. These were all coach trips and we had to write essays on these individual trips. They were good days looking back now, and never forgotten.

Woodwork was at the Cowbridge School in Dimsdale Street, Hertford where we spent the whole morning. Alas that school closed many years ago but it is still standing empty today. I lived in the Hertsmill area of Hertford at the time.

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